Friday, June 02, 2006

I Can't Wait to Get to Heaven

I am listening to Keith Green today. He is my favorite Christian musician. I especially like his songs about heaven. I envy Keith because he is there! I also like Anglo-Saxon poetry and I thought of this poem by Caedman looking forward to Christ's return. Enjoy.

899 Then suddenly on Sion mountain from the south-east the incandescence of the sun will come shining from the Creator, more luminous than men in their minds can imagine it, gleaming bright when the Son of God reveals himself hither through the canopies of the heavens. Christ's wondrous figure, the form of the noble King, will come from the east from out of the skies, sweet to the minds of his own folk, bitter to those steeped in sin, strangely diverse and different towards the blessed and the wretched.

910 To the good he will be gracious in appearance, beautiful and delightsome to that holy throng, attractive in his joy, affectionate and loving; agreeable and sweet it will be for his cherished people to look upon that shining form, to look with pleasure upon the mild coming of the Ruler, the mighty King, for those who had earlier pleased him well in his heart with words and with works.

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