Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yes, its all Greek to me

Ok, the first night of Greek is over. I was in Croatia teaching ESL at a Baptist church for two weeks and missed the first two sessions of Greek. I took my text, workbook and flash cards and studied everyday for 1-2 hours. My wife has her own workbook and studied along with me. She is more task oriented, so she gets all the credit in keeping me focused.

I took the quiz and only missed one fill in the blank. I got all 10 vocabulary words. Woo Hoo! I felt I was on the same page with the other students which is "What in the wide world of sports did I get myself in to?!?!?" Seriously, I felt real comfortable and the guys (and 2 ladies) are really cool. The prof was in California speaking at the main campus of the seminary, so we had a student who has done all the Greek classes and is a savant to do a review over the first 12 chapters and explain how to diagram Greek.

Oh, I got extra points from one of the students for making coffee my first night at seminary. I told her that coffee is a major food group and I was only doing what was needed to sustain life as I know it!

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