Friday, May 19, 2006

Dipsticks could check caffeine in your cup

Coffee lovers will love this. For those of us who need massive doses of caffeine through the medium of coffee, there will be dipsticks to test the caffeine level of coffee and other drinks. Llamas and camels have something to do with it. Really. I am not making it up. Read it for yourself! At least we can keep Starbucks honest and not try to sell us low-caffeine drinks.


Randy McRoberts said...

A source says that they might occasionally "decaf" someone who comes into the store and makes life difficult for those working. That is, they might use decaf coffee instead of the real thing, just because.

Randy McRoberts said...

That is, I heard this from a source close to me whose name and store I will not mention.

Mark said...

I respect that from your "un-named" source.