Monday, August 14, 2006

Life Really Bites

Today has been a sober day. The whole weekend actually. The husband of a friend committed suicide last Thursday evening. The whole family are believers, so this is tough stuff. The husband, wife and 2 older teenage daughters were very active in the Evangelism Explosion (EE) ministry at the church. I got to know the wife well because we were teamed up one semester (with another person).

He was a doctor and she is a nurse and they owned three different medical businesses. They were both fitness nuts and he got involved with steriods. She kept telling him to stop using them. He overdosed on the steriods which caused a major chemical imbalance in his body. He went into a deep depression and was not making rational decisions. She had to go away for a conference last week. While she was away, he moved all their monies into her accounts, set up the girls college funds and went out into the woods and shot himself in the head.

Everyone at church who knew them have been in shock. The wife is angry, not at God but at her husband. She said that when she sees him in heaven she is going to punch him! At least she hasn't lost her great sense of humor. Please pray for this family. Names are left out for obvious reasons.

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