Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Red-faced Loss

The Reds lost a bad game to the Dodgers last night. Arroyo has not won a game since June and the new-look bullpen gave up four runs! That was the first of a 10 game homestand. Hopefully it will get better. I had hoped for an 8-2 record at home.


Randy McRoberts said...

Yes, and Wily Mo has two homers in two games.

Arroyo has been inconsistent for the Red Sox and now he is doing the same for the Reds. No surprise to me. He seems to have a problem with stamina. Probably because he enjoys the night life a bit too much.

I haven't regretted that trade from day one.

Mark said...

I haven't regretted it either. We have plenty of offense, though I liked Willy Mo. Hopefully he will pull it together. He was done in by two errors, but instead of taking control he let the errors get to him.