Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ah, Springtime!

Hope springs eternal at this time each year. The crack of the bats, the smack of a ball against leather, the smell of tobacco juice in the dugout...well, two out of three ain't bad as Meat Loaf used to say.

Anyways, the Reds started out the season on a good note by beating the free-spending Cubs 5-1. (The Cubs spent over $300,000,000 in the off-season to bolster the line-up) Harang threw 7 innings allowing 1 unearned run, Griffey had two hits and Adam Dunn did his worst impression of Ichiro you have ever seen. If you don't understand that last comment, Dunn had said he was just going to work on putting the ball in play instead of home runs or strikeouts. The only two balls he put in play yesterday became souvenirs for the fans in the cheap seats. At this pace he will have 324 home runs for the season. That might be a record or something.

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