Thursday, April 12, 2007

Josh Hamilton

Josh is a kid who made some bad choices. He was suspended from baseball and other than a few at bats in AA ball, he hasn't played in 4 years. He is one of the most talented players in baseball and was bound to be unheard of by anybody. Then he came face to face with Jesus. He readily admits that Christ saved his life when he was heading for death and destruction. With the help of a godly wife and support from friends and family, he was picked up by the Cincinnati Reds and given a second chance. On Tuesday night he got his first big league start, playing center field, and hit a home run in his 2nd at bat. Last night he hit a double and home run while playing right field. Last night he said that by all accounts, he shouldn't be playing, but by the grace of God he was given another chance to play. Way to go, Josh. I hope you have a great career and continue to give the glory to God.

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