Thursday, October 04, 2007

No Bandwagon Jumping but...

Ok...first off, I am a Cincy Red fan through and through. I think they have a good group of guys for next year if they can add another starter and bolster the bullpen. I also hope they resign Pete Mackanin as manager, but who knows.

Now, on to the playoffs at hand. I live in Colorado but have never been a Rockies fan. When the Blake Street Bombers were the identity of the club, I couldn't stand them for many reasons. I thought the TV and radio commentators were horrible (Dave Campbell, now on ESPN, was the main guy). They had no pitching. I saw better pitching in the slow-pitch softball league I played in. All their "talent" were obtained through trades and free agency.

Because of that, I watched the Rockies local AAA team, the Colorado Springs Sky Sox. I watched guys like Barry Helton, Brad Hawpe, Garrett Atkins and Matt Halladay play. Whoa, wait a minute! These are the guys on the Rockies now! I have enjoyed watching the Rockies this year because their farm system has produced some dynamic players. I feel like I am watching the Sky Sox.

No, I am not jumping on a bandwagon. I am rooting for the kids I have watched over the last 13 years. Go Sky Sox! errr...I mean Rockies!

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Rolland said...

I'm with you. I am excited to see the Rockies winning but just because I enjoyed watching those guys play on the Sky Sox. I am not usually into MLB that much but I have been watching the Rockies more this playoff season because of that.