Monday, March 17, 2008

What DID Jesus Do?

I really can't stand that phrase "What Would Jesus Do?" The obvious is that He would do what is fair and just and, in most cases, that would not be what we expect. The better question for me is "What DID Jesus Do?" Throw away the speculative and look at the scripture.

As I have started looking at Matthew 10, I am struck by four things that Christ did. He summoned the disciples, He gave them authority over demonic forces, disease and sickness, He instructed them and then He sent them out.

He summoned the disciple - Jesus calls each of us to join Him in His work. He calls us to Him and wants us to join Him in His work. Think about it! He calls us! He doesn't need us at all, yet He calls us. We are allowed to work with and for the King of Kings. What an amazing and humbling thought.

He gave authority - Jesus equipped each disciple with the tools for ministry. I personally believe that the miracle gifts were only for the apostles, but that does not mean that miracles do not occur. Miracles are from God. But the idea is that the disciples were given what was needed to spread the gospel and reach people for Christ. Eventually, Jesus would have a huge following of people who were waiting to see more miracles and probably were healed by Jesus. Jesus was not going to send these guys into ministry without giving them the abilities, power and confidence needed.

He instructed them - The rest of chapter 10 is the instructions given to the disciples. What to do, what to expect, how to behave, who to rely on and the encouragement needed for the journey. Again, Jesus was not sending these guys out until they were equipped to face the battle. That doesn't mean that they had a lot to learn. Of course it did! Nobody goes into ministry without receiving some battle wounds along the way.

He sent them out - He had the confidence to send these rough fishermen out to preach the gospel of Love.

These are four points that will probably make up the foundation for the sermons from this chapter. Any thoughts?


Rolland said...

that is really good outline.

He summoned them
He gave them authority
He instructed them
He sent them out

and then, if I understood you correctly, each one would be expanded as a sermon.

I think all you have to do is alliterate each one and then you are on your way. :-)

I think you have broken the chapter down well and have remained faithful to Matthew's message. I am looking forward to hearing how you progress.

Mark said...

Thanks! My thinking is to use this as an introduction to the series of sermons. It may even be the introductory sermon. The instruction part will be about 4 sermons. The last sermon will be the last 2-3 verses of the chapter which deal with the rewards for service.