Wednesday, April 23, 2008


My forced academic Greek studies are over (barring a complete failure of the paper). I am much relieved. I had hoped to give a week by week commentary on this blog of my journey through Philippians, but it became too intense for me to want to do that and then, when I started writing the exegesis paper, I didn't have time for anything. I turned the paper in two weeks early (because my daughter is singing at school next Monday and the prof is out the next week). But the last two weeks of class were what I would have liked the others to have been. We discussed the passages we were to translate and how we could preach that passage. It was great! I felt we wasted a lot of time in the earlier classes since we did not do this.

Oh well, now I can work on Greek studies at my own pace and presently I am working through some chapters in Matthew. Since I have mentioned I will be preaching a series out of chapter 10, I want to work on the section between the end of the Sermon on the Mount through chapter 12.

Right now, I can breathe a little easier!


Rolland said...

HOW DARE YOU take about Christian missions and ministry at a Christian ministry. What is WRONG with you!

I can't decide if people make me laugh or irritate me beyond belief.

I appreciate your heart and your desire to be excellent at both your job (which, by the way, IS mission in that is helps Christian children accross this nation and across the world) and your ministry.

Rolland said...

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