Monday, August 11, 2008

An Awesome Summer

This has been a great summer. It started with a week in late May to visit my family in Indiana. After two weeks at home, Lona and I took 9 others from church to Croatia. We did a lot of ministry and I got to preach a couple of times. We were back home for 3 weeks, in which I got to preach on consecutive Sunday evenings. Then I was off to Brasil with 15 others from my church. We built a small church, did 6 days of VBS and preached 9 services in 8 days. I had the privilege of preaching 3 of those services. The greatest part of the summer was the chance to preach 7 times in 2 months. I am feeling somewhat of a let down now that I don't have a preaching opportunity scheduled. I am ready for the next chance!

This summer re-affirmed in my heart and mind that God has called me to full-time ministry. Whether it is in a church or on the mission field, preaching and leading people to Jesus is all I want to do. Seeing people come forward to accept Jesus as their savior during an invitation is an experience like no other. I find it so amazing that God could use a lump of clay like me to share His message and that people are able to respond to that message. That is proof that it is all God. I am not a slick commercial pitch man or TV evangelist. It is the Holy Spirit speaking to the heart of the individual despite my lack of eloquence.

When I was a kid and played outside everyday, I never wanted the summer to end. After all the ministry opportunities and preaching this summer, I don't want it to end either!

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