Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Glimpses of Croatia

There were 11 people from my church that went to Karlovac, Croatia to teach ESL at the Baptist church and other ministries. We planned on playing music at the cafes, but most of the coffee shops are also bars, and with 3 musicians being 15-16 years of age, this was not a viable option. But we did do a lot of sports ministry in the park with local kids and kids from the orphanage. These were connections that the church never had. We go with one idea in mind and God shows us what He really wants!

Preaching in the village church of Duga Resa
I was able to preach twice.

The Advanced ESL class
There were also classes for beginners and intermediates
We averaged about 35 students a night.

Pastor David playing with the kids
We played a lot of basketball, soccer and just hanging out with the kids

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