Friday, January 16, 2009

Interesting Week

This has been an interesting week. A few lows, a couple of highs and a lot of same-oh, same-oh. Because of a misunderstanding at work, I had to pay a big hospital bill with monies set aside for seminary. That meant I had to drop a class (preaching). I will only take 1 seminary class this semester (New Testament II). We need to be debt clear by the end of the year, not counting the house mortgage, so that we are ready to go to the mission field whenever God allows.

The highs centered around our application process with CrossWorld. We had to list several references and each one was emailed or mailed a reference form this week to fill out. The process is going and we are excited. The week started with a high when I got to preach Sunday night. Not sure if that was a high for anyone else, but I enjoyed it! The week has ended with a high since I get a 3 day weekend!

I am ready for next week and to start my next, and possibly last, seminary class Monday afternoon. I say last because, if we are accepted by the missions agency after the summer training, then we do not want to do anything that will cost more money. I will endeavor to continue my studies overseas or online.

I also get to deal with a cavity on Tuesday to keep me humble. Have a great weekend!

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