Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ministry Update 9 Feb 2010

It has been awhile, so I thought I would add an update of our ministry.  We were appointed to serve as missionaries with CrossWorld last June and are working towards a move to Ireland in early 2011.  This year will be devoted to raising support, preparing to sell the house and preparing our hearts for the ministry.  There have been many praises and affirmations of this move and we give God all the glory.  One praise is that our next door neighbors are planning on buying our house.  Another is my in-laws are remodeling their basement so that we can live with them until we move.  Also, I am still in seminary, taking the second half of two courses: Church History and an Intro to the Old Testament.  God has also allowed me to be scheduled to preach one Sunday evening a month at church which I am grateful.  This allows me to preach through Philippians.

We have been in contact with the mission team that is in place in Ireland and we look forward to joining them next year.  Please pray for us as prepare our hearts and minds for this move.  Thanks!

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