Friday, May 07, 2010

God is in Control

OK, 3 months later and it is time for a new post.  God has changed the direction of my life completely in the last few months.  Namely, I was told 2 months ago that June 30 would be my last day of work after 19+ years on the job.  This year would have been my last year anyway due to our move to Ireland, but God had other plans.  We will be working with CrossWorld in the near future, helping with small churches in County Kerry, Ireland.  We will be doing 5 weeks of training in Portland July 4 - August 6, then back to Colorado.  We hope to sell our house before July and we will be moving into the basement of my in-laws house.  I think that is enough change for one person!  But, as I said, God is in control.  We are in the midst of support development and hope to be at 100% by the end of the year.  I know this is rambling, but a lot has happened and I am still working through all of it.  I shall post more frequently (since I will have more time!) and keep all of you (two or three?) posted.

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