Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Current Reading List

Here's what I am reading at the moment:

Revolution in World Missions, K.P. Yohannan
The Attributes of God, Arthur W. Pink
The Fellowship of the Ring
Horatio Hornblower and the Hotspur, C.S. Forester
Volume 1, Works of Benjamin Warfield
Biography of Alexander Hamilton

Books lying around waiting to be read:
V. 2-10 of Warfield
G. Campbell Morgan Sermons
Systematic Theology, Charles Hodge
Serving With Eyes Wide Open, David Livermore
2 biographies of Teddy Roosevelt

Books (or sets) on my wish list:
The Interlinear Hebrew-Greek-English Bible, Jay P. Green
The Expositor's Bible Commentary, ed. by Frank Gaebelein
Any sermon collections by H.A. Ironsides or Alexander McLaren or Joseph Parker
Greek Textbook and Workbook by William Mounce
Any of the books by Alfred Edersheim

1 comment:

Rolland said...

I read Yohannan's book several years ago and need to reread it. If I remember correctly, his main emphasis was we need to train indiginous leaders to reach those in their communities and we need to not be so socially oriented but make sure we are actually sharing the gospel. I was challenged by it.

I think the Expositor's Bibical commentary is a great set to have on your shelf. A great mix of usability and technicality. I use it alot.

If you are going to learn Greek, you have to, have to, have to learn vocabulary. Mounce has a set of vocabulary cards that go with his book and work book. I just thought it may be of help to you.

These are just my thoughts. talk to you soon.