Monday, December 31, 2007

Blog Banner Explained

Okay, only Rolland tried to figure out the banner picture. He was pretty close. It is in Brazil but about a 1000 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. It is by the city of Manaus, 1000 miles up river. It is where the Solomes and Negros Rivers meet to form the Amazon. (A side note - Most geographers will measure the total length of the Amazon using the Solomes River, which gets its start in the Peruvian Andes). There are several reasons why the water is two different colors. First off, when the rivers meet, they flow side by side for at least 5 miles. The reasons are due to different water temperatures, water densities and compositions. A fun fact about this phenomena is that the fresh water dolphin like to swim and play through the different waters.

This picture helps explain the title of my blog, which is a commentary on my life. Many different factors went into each of the rivers, which come from different parts of the continent to form one river. In turn, many people took differing paths which produced who I am today. One of my family lines were persecuted because of their faith about 500 years ago in Switzerland and eventually moved to the Pennsylvania colony. Another family had 4 generations as ministers of the Gospel. Another family group were gentleman farmers in Indiana. Several families produced veterans of every war that America has been involved with. This is the heritage I inherited. I had no say in the matter. It all converged upon me, my brother and my immediate cousins. There are errors to learn from and faith to hold on to. But it does not stop with me, but I must continue to do what God has called me to do. The same God that urged my fore-fathers to stand up to heresies of the reformation; the same God that calledSamuel, John, Everet and Russell Wooten to be ministers of the Gospel; the same God that gave many men (and a few women) the courage to fight and defend their country. I am to pass along the efforts and faith of the past to my kids and grandkids so that they will be children of God and honorable people.

Yeah, it would make a good sermon point. I will probably use it some time in the future. Since Rolland had the closest (and only) guess, he wins the door prize. The Ginzu knives will be in the mail.

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Rolland said...

WOO HOO! Are they the kind that will cut through a can?!?

That is a great explanation of the picture, your blog, and everything. That is really interesting.