Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Greek Final

Well, I had my Greek final and I thought it went well. There were no surprises. I did well in the areas I thought I would and didn't in my trouble areas. I did mess up the diagram. We translated and diagrammed 1 John 1:7-8. Thanks for praying! Next semester we will be going through Philippians.


Rolland said...

I am glad you did well.

There is a little book entitled "Using New Testament Greek in Ministry: A Practical Guide for Students and Pastors" by David Alan Black which is worth picking up and reading. It shows how one can use Greek in the real world of ministry.

Anyway, good job on your first semester. I hope the next semester is just as "fun."

Mark said...

Thanks! Fun is a relative term, but I am looking forward to translating Philippians and the Classics In Christian Devotions class.