Tuesday, July 10, 2007

All-Star Game

Today is the MLB All-Star game. This used to be the great summer classic. Now it is ho-hum. The Commish tried to make it interesting by installing a home run hitting contest and the stupid idea of giving the winning league the home field advantage for the World Series.

Players complain about the hitting contest because it either messes up their stroke or they get some sort of mysterious shoulder injury. When Mark McGuire was hitting, it was interesting, but not anymore.

The home field advantage is stupid. This game is for the fans and nothing more. Starting pitchers should pitch a minimum of 3 innings, no more than 4. Starters should play a minimum of 5 with no maximum. There need to be players ready for extra innings. No tie ball game. If it is a tie and you run out of players, bring back in some starters. This is for the fans, nothing more. Heck, do a home run derby to decide the outcome of a tie game. Every position player still in the game gets one swing. Total number of home runs wins.

My team, the Reds, have one player on the team, Ken Griffey Jr. Go Junior!

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