Friday, July 13, 2007

Mission: Brazil, Part 3

After we build the church, we will drive back to Teresina and visit a church camp that is owned by the Baptist churches of Piaui. Since Piaui is the poorest state, the camp is run down, but they still use it. It has been 10 years since there has been a regular caretaker for the camp.

We will spend several hours mapping and assessing the grounds and each building. There are 3 dorms, a dining hall with kitchen, caretaker housing and two unfinished buildings for a chapel and something else. Our goal will be to evaluate the condition of the camp and decide whether this project is something our church can tackle. We hope to partner with the Piaui churches in not only this project, but in evangelistic work.

If God ordains this venture, then over the next few years we will go for a two week trip with a construction team and an evangelistic team. We have already been invited by the pastor of the church we built last year to help them with VBS during the day and preaching in the evenings. We would also help with discipleship training, if the pastor asks for it. We will only do what is asked of us. This is to help strengthen the churches, not add notches to our belts or whatever.

On Monday I will leave you with specific prayers requests.

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