Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mission: Brazil, Part 2

The next focal point of the trip is what we will be doing. We are working with Christian Missions Unlimited (CMU) to build a church in Juazeiro, Piaui. (Shwah-zae-doo, Pee-ah-wee) Piaui is the poorest and least evangelized state in Brazil. It is also the hottest! We will spend four days building a church (laying about 5000 bricks) and having a dedication service. There is a congregation already in place and they have outgrown meeting in someone's home or the wooden shack they have as a church. Florencio is the Executive Director of the Baptist convention in Piaui. That is a high-faluten title which means he helps the churches and pastors in any way he can.

We are taking some bags of clothes, toys, basic hygiene supplies and Bibles to give away and to give to the church so they can minister to the needs of their community. They understand those needs better than we do.

It is exciting to meet new friends and to share the love of Jesus. God will show us His work in mighty ways. Most of the time, we just need to stand back and not get in the way! Tomorrow, I will talk about some long range ministry possibilities in Brazil.

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