Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mission: Brazil

One week from today, I will be leading a team from my church to Brazil. We will be building a church and other ministry opportunities that God gives us. I thought I would give some information each day this week concerning the trip.

Let us start with the team. There are 11 from my church, 3 others that are related to church members, one construction lead from Alabama and one retired missionary (Brazil) from Florida. We will all meet in Miami and fly down together.

The team has one husband and wife going, two sets of fathers and sons, one father-in-law and son-in-law and one brother/sister act. We have one pastor, one North American Missionary and 5 ordained deacons. Over half the team has been to Brazil before. 12 come from Colorado and one each from California, Indiana, Alabama and Florida.

That was a bunch of boring statistics, but there are some interesting relationships represented within the group. Tomorrow I will discuss the mission focus and the ministry we work with in building the churches.

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