Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Classics of Christian Devotions

Besides Intermediate Greek, I am taking a seminary class called "Classics of Christian Devotions." The writers range from Athanasias in the 4th century to Thomas Merton in the 20th century. The class is in a seminar format, so I won't have to read the entire work of 13 different writers. My particular writer is Thomas a' Kempis and his Imitations of Christ.

We read Brother Lawrence's Practice in the Presence of God as a group to get the gist of what the professor wanted in class participation. Brother Lawrence troubles me because of his lack of scripture reference. In fact, he doesn't mention the Bible in any form at all. Also, he all but shuns any sort of personal devotions other than what was required of him. That strikes me as funny (weird, not funny=ha ha). Why would a man of God who is seeking as close a relationship as possible with God not make any mention whatsoever of scripture or its impact on his life?

Any way, let me start by throwing this question out to you? What devotional reading do you like? I like scripture reading along with some classic literature, whether it is Augustine, Kempis, Puritan writers or C. S. Lewis.

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