Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Effective Preachers of 2007

I saw this top 10 list of preachers at Pastor and People today. This goes along with my earlier post the 10 people that greatly influenced my life in 2007. This is a list of just preachers that I have listened to this past year that I really enjoy.

  1. Dr. Charles E. (Bobby) Holt - Senior pastor of Vista Grande Baptist Church in Colorado Springs.
  2. Mark Dricscoll - Preaching pastor of Mars Hill in Seattle
  3. Rev. Greg Teel - Children's Ministries pastor who fills the pulpit when Dr. Holt is out of town.
  4. Colin Adams - You must listen to his teaching in Jeremiah. Excellent!
  5. G. Campbell Morgan - I love his writing and sermons and I read through his commentary of Psalms this year.
  6. Joseph Parker, Charles H. Spurgeon and Alexander MacLaren - contemporaries in London during the mid to late 1800s. I read a lot of their sermons throughout the year.

I really haven't listened to a lot of other preachers this past year. I am thankful for these men ministering to me during this past year.

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