Thursday, November 15, 2007

Choosing a Bible College

John Brand has been posting his concerns of Christian education and what an individual should look for when shopping for a school. Instead of the school marketing itself to the student, it seems the student should be proactive and interview the college to see if the college is right for them.

Is the goal to achieve certain qualifications or degrees or is it to prepare God’s people for works of service? There is no doubt in my mind that for most institutions in UK, the former has become the overriding objective and the latter has become increasingly sidelined. With the result that we are producing expert missiologists and lousy missionaries, competent biblical textual scholars and incompetent pastors and Bible teachers, men and women conversant with every liberal theory and view but who don’t know their Bibles.

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Rolland said...

I have been enjoying your posts regarding Christian education or Bible colleges. They have been providing me with some meat to chew on as I work Pikes Peak Bible Institute ( I think the issue of obtaining degrees and not equipping people for ministry is the most significant issue a bible school must face. These exact thoughts have recently been on my mind as well. It is good to hear others with this concern and a desire to see it corrected.