Friday, November 02, 2007

Sick House

I am home this morning for a couple of hours so that Lona can do some things after taking Madeleine to school. Ian is sick and staying home from preschool, so I am watching him. He is watching various kid shows on Disney or Nickelodeon. There is only so much "Go, Diego, Go" or "Dora, the Explorer" I can take.

I am thankful for some expository preaching blogs that I have found. I hope to find a couple of more. While I am learning how to preach, it is good to read and hear other preachers. It doesn't mean I will copy any of them, but it allows me to see and understand how different people structure a sermon.

I am at the beginning of a study of Ezekiel and the sites I have found have been helpful in giving some advice concerning OT commentaries.

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