Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ezekiel - Who Was He?

Well, I have started to dig into who this Ezekiel guy was. Some basics that are plain in the text is that he was a priest, son of Buzi (a priest) , which indicates he is of a priestly line. He was probably a young man when Jerusalem was taken siege and when Israel was placed in Babylonian exile (about 597 B.C.) He was married, he was about 30 when God commissioned him and his wife died while in exile. That is most of the personal info that we know of Ezekiel.

Some questions I want to seek answers to are:
Why did God choose this man?
How was his personality different from Jeremiah or Isaiah?
What were his strengths and weaknesses?

I am reading the background material of the commentaries I had mentioned in previous posts. That may take me a couple of days before I get to the actual text. Feel free to ask any questions or correct me in any way. (Lovingly, of course!)

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